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R2 Labor Planning Refreshed with a new UI/UX

Labor planning and scheduling is a critical operational need for any organization. As labor costs rise and resource availability becomes scarce, it is imperative to manage labor resources in the most time and cost efficient manner. This is where the labor planning module for R2 helps you maximize both, physical and financial utilization of your labor resources. Announcing the upcoming release of Labor Planning with an enhanced UI/UX designed for an easier, smoother user experience - coming May month end release.

Some of the Highlights include:

  • Balance of elements for easier interaction
  • White space for visual equilibrium
  • Optimal web font and sizes for maximum readability
  • Conscientious use of colors for hierarchy and attention
  • Less lines for an inviting clutter-free UI
  • Flyover grid on booking lines has been replaced with an on-demand alphabetical menu
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    May 24

    June 28

    UBS headquarters moves to a new office

    We are proud to announce that UBS has moved to a brand new office. The new office is located on the west side of Los Angeles (close to the famous 405 and 10 freeways) and provides great access to all facilities required for customers and employees alike. This move is part of the recent acquisition of UBS by Volaris.