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Any business tool is more that much more valuable when it guides our actions and reactions towards better business decisions. As such a CRM module that is tightly knit with your ERP tool is a vital element for customer prospecting and retention

Collecting information is a basic software functionality that most softwares cater for. It is how that data is presented and the insights it provides to enable fast, informed decisions that will hugely differentiate your operations

The Activity Manager

The Activity Manager screen was designed to give the user the simplest and fastest snapshot of their tasks. This screen utilizes pre-configured tabs "Due Today", "Overdue", "Upcoming" and "Completed" and "All" to speed up the process to provide the user with the most relevant information in the quickest way possible. Within each tab the tasks utilize a color coded marker for easy status update without having to drill down.

The Company Screen

The customer screen is similary designed as the Activity Manager to allow the user to derive the most relevant information as quickly as possible. The data is organized in pre-configured Tabs: "Suspect", "Lead", "Prospect" and "Customer". One of the most powerful features in the ability to view Customer Orders and Invoices from R2.


The Opportunities screen is a comprehensive collection of your opportunites and the activities related to those opportunities. Such as phone call notes, Notes, Tasks and emails including Office 365 and Gmail.

Key Benefits

  • Simple, intuitive, easy and user-configurable setup for prospecting and opportunity follow-ups
  • Be pro-actively alerted and notified about key leads, high value opportunities and win/loss ratios
  • Prevent multiple customer record creation for the same customer diluting your database by auto- check for duplicate records
  • View prior R2 customer quotes and reservations for repeat order

R2 CRM's use and transfer to any other app of information received from Google APIs will adhere to the Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.

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