R2 Apis

We live in a universe of increasing data connectivity. Data sync between applications is now a basic benefit that must be offered by contemporary tools. R2 API’s offer just that. A core pack of defined API’s that can then be molded and fine-tuned as per your specific interface requirements. Simple, Comprehensive, Complete, Fast, Easy and Customizable

What are REST APIs?

REST API are services that conform to the REST architectural style, also called as RESTful Web services, provide interoperability between computer systems on the Internet. These services allow the requesting systems to access and manipulate textual representations of Web resources by using a uniform and predefined set of stateless operations


UBS now offers REST API which provides a powerful, convenient, and simple Web services API for interacting with R2 Platform. Its advantages include ease of integration and development, and it’s an excellent choice of technology for use with mobile applications and Web 2.0 projects. If you have to sync data between systems real-time consider using REST API, which is based on REST principles and optimized for large sets of data. By using a stateless protocol and standard operations, R2 RESTful services aim for better performance, reliability, and ability to grow. The R2 RESTful API 2.0 gives you the ability to pull data out of R2 and seamlessly integrate R2 resources with other external software.

Key Benefits

  • Language and Platform independent
  • Restful APIs
  • Uses standard HTTP/HTTPS protocol
  • Cost effective seamless data exchange
  • Real-time sync