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R2 provides comprehensive benefits to help you control and manage all aspects of your daily rental operations. It is built on a solid foundation of over 35+ years of experience and feedback from the Global Audio-Visual Rental industry. Some of the most well run, well respected and established, global rental companies run their operations with the help of R2 tools.

R2 Modules

Go Even Further with R2 Modules


R2 CRM is designed to manage your R2 contacts, companies and opportunities from a intuitive web interface

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R2 Hero

R2 Hero is an advanced data analytics module designed to elevate your data-driven decision making process

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R2 Labor

Scheduling and Planning your labor is now easy with drag n drop interface, time sheets and many other advance features

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R2 Service

Proactive equipment service and repair alerts is a cornerstone of maximizing equipment utlitzation and profitability

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Mobile Apps

Extend R2 functionality with our family of mobile apps designed for use by your employees and customers

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R2 APIs offer a powerful gateway to your data for an unmimited array of customizations

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Business Intelligence

Insightful analytics, custom reports and auto delivery makes making business decisions easier

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R2 Web

Access R2 Rental Management software with any major web browser. Within reach, fast, easy, and secure.

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  • Accessible Anywhere - R2 Audio Visual Rental Software can be accessed from any web browser with an internet connection. Whether you’re at the office, on-site, or working remotely, R2 is at your fingertips. This flexibility allows rental businesses to streamline operations, manage inventory, and serve customers efficiently, regardless of their physical location.
  • Up to 20% Faster than traditional R2 access on logon and page load - R2 Web boasts a significant enhanced performance boost, clocking in at up to 20% faster than traditional RDP access methods. This speed improvement translates to quicker response times, smoother interactions, and a more seamless user experience. R2 Web’s swift performance ensures productivity and reduced wait times.
  • Effortless Distribution - Expanding to new sites or adding users to the system is now a breeze. R2 Web leverages standard web protocols for distribution, making it straightforward to roll out the software across multiple locations or grant access to additional team members.
  • Robust Security - R2 Web prioritizes security with two essential features:
    HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure): All communication between the user’s browser and the R2 server is encrypted, safeguarding sensitive data such as customer information, rental details, and financial transactions.
    MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) provided by DUO MFA: To prevent unauthorized access, R2 Web implements an additional layer of security beyond the standard username and password. Users must verify their identity through a secondary method before gaining access.

    These security measures ensure that your audio visual rental business operates confidently while protecting both your data and your customers’ privacy.

MFA Data Security

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) offers several crucial benefits for enhancing security and safeguarding user accounts while significantly reduces the risk of security breaches. Unlike relying solely on a static username and password, MFA requires users to provide two or more authentication factors before granting access.

Strengthen security, protect against password risks, and ensure that users’ accounts remain safe with MFA.

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Simpler, Contemporary User Interface and Experience

There is a sleek new theme coming soon to the R2 Audio Visual Rental Management Software. Our design combines modern aesthetics with functionality. Each icon on the new Launch Pad has been meticulously crafted. Each layout provides instant, clear visibility to your data. Navigating through R2 has never been more intuitive.

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"R2 is powerful, sturdy, flexible, comprehensive and includes excellent support services accessible 24/7”


Five Star enjoyed a smooth implementation while incurring many efficiencies throughout their process flows"

Joe Burgher

Five Star AV

“R2’s RFID functionality makes adopting RFID technology very simple"

Chris Budin

NMR Events

"The Unibiz team worked closely with Grosh to understand their other needs including FedEx integration and box label printing"

Amanda Uhelin

Grosh Scenic Rentals

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