Hosted and On Premise Solutions

We've Got Your Deployment Covered - Simple and Secure

Key operational, financial and “peace-of-mind” benefits for your business via R2 on the cloud

  • Very cost effective and affordable compared to cost of ownership of hardware that is continuously getting obsolete
  • Leaves you free to focus on your core business with UBS and Oracle helping manage your R2 and Windows servers environment
  • Continued access to both, your R2 production and R2 test environments
  • Faster service as the R2 support team can quickly access your R2 environment
  • Peace of mind with off-site backups that are kept for the last 5 continuous days
  • Server Hardware upgrade cost built-in, automatic and in the background and so obsolescence is never an issue

With R2 hosted in the cloud, UBS will manage the following for you

  • Server optimization so R2 runs in the most ideal environment for your business operations
  • Install supported programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel and other R2 products
  • Resetting passwords for any R2 employee
  • Server monitoring for preventive maintenance so you are always operational